Awesome Possum Van Works and Recreation

Supporting the van and bus DIY’er with fabrication and installation of all things vanlife related as well as quality mechanical and electrical repair.

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Awesome Possum Van Works and Recreation

Awesome Possum Van Works

“Hello, my name is Phil “Chewtoy” Causey and I am the founder of Awesome Possum Van Works and Recreation. Two years ago I began this business strictly aimed at 4×4 van conversions; A simple way to make a living doing what I love. I became aware of #vanlife and #skoolielife and the ever increasing number of people seeking out this alternative lifestyle. I began watching, listening, and learning what this community overall most commonly needed. I have ever since been developing my best approach at how to satisfy those needs and make an honest living at it. Awesome Possum is my response.”

A passion for boating, camping, vanlife and lakehouse living

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