Best Spots to Anchor and Swim on Lake St. Clair

Anchor Spots and Sandbars on Lake St Clair

Seventeen of the best sandbar spots to drop the hook and relax, swim and raft-off on Lake St Clair.

  1. Grosse Pointe Farms Sandbar N42°24.3′ W82°52.1′
  2. Grosse Pointe Sandbar N42°27.0′ W82°53.1′
  3. Ford Cove N42°27.3′ W82°52.0′
  4. Poor Man’s (Anchor Bay W) N42°36.5′ W82°52.2′
  5. Grass Island N42°39.0′ W82°41.8′
  6. Munchies (Bouvier Bay) N42°39.3′ W82°41.8′
  7. Strawberry Island N42°35.8′ W82°43.0′
  8. Goose Bay N42°34.0′ W82°41.4′
  9. Fisher Bay N42°36.5′ W82°39.0′
  10. Big Muscamoot Bay N42°40.0′ W82°32.4′
  11. Little Muscamoot Bay N42°34.5′ W82°37.3′
  12. Gull Island N42°31.8′ W82°40.7′
  13. Seaway Island N42°31.5′ W82°40.0′
  14. Mitchells Bay N42°28.0′ W82°26.1′
  15. Thames River Sandbar N42°19.5′ W82°27.4′
  16. Stoney Point Sandbar N42°19.0′ W82°35.5′
  17. Peche Island N42°20.7′ W82°55.6′

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